Banquet of Hoshena

Banquet of Hoshena,
a legendary immersive dinner experience

This unique feast combined with 3D visual technology will tune your sensory perceptions as never before, taking the dining experience to new dimensions. As you enjoy a five-course meal over the course of the evening, you’ll be whisked away to the magical landscapes of Lapland, where the drums beat and the fells reach up to the heights under the Northern Lights.
The show is in English.

Welcome to embark on a fabulous memorable dinner journey!

Runs from 16 January to 26 April 2020
Wednesday (5.2, 12.2, 11.3. & 25.3.), Thursday and Friday at 7 pm
Saturday at 5 pm and 8 pm
Our bar will be open an hour before the dinner.

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Banquet of Hoshena menu

Hare roast croquette (L, G)
Cremè Vichyssoise with potato chips (L, G)
Roasted reindeer with traditional potato flat bread from Lapland (L) Also available gluten-free
Arctic char with whitefish roe and King Crab sauce (L, G)
Chocolate nemesis with cloudberry and spruce sprout (L, G)

110 €

Vegan and vegetarian menu

Beetroot croquette
Cremè Vichyssoise with potato chips
Beyond meat steak with traditional potato flat bread from Lapland, smoked mayonnaise, chili pepper sauce and lingonberry compote
Portobello mushroom confit with broccolini and chives sauce
Chocolate petit fours with cloudberry and spruce sprout

(menu is lactose-free and gluten-free)

Wine packages for the menus:
small wine package 32 € / non-alcohol 20 €
large wine package 49 € / non-alcohol 35 €