TÖÖLÖNRANTA 2.12. – 22.12.2019

Setting times:
Mon-Fri 11–13.30, 14–16.30, 17–19.30 and 20–23.00
Saturday 13–15.30, 16–19.00 and 20–23.00
Sunday 12–14.30, 15–17.30 and 18-20.30
Friday 6.12. 11–13.30, 14–16.30 and 17–19.30
Sunday 22.12. 12–14.30 and 15–17.30

For aperitifs:
Red glow wine (non-alcoholic) 6,50
Spiced red or white glow wine 9,50
Taittinger Brut Réserve Champagne 14,50 / 90,00
Coffee/tea 4,00
Filtered water still/sparkling 3,00

á 59,00 (kids under 12 year 29,50€, 0-3 year no additional charge)

Green salad with blackcurrant vinaigrette (M, G)
Marinated red cabbage, blue cheese and mixed nuts (L, G)
Salad á la Waldorf (M, G)
Mushroom salad seasoned with horseradish (L, G)
Herring in mustard sauce and lemon-marinated Baltic herring (L, G)
Smoked salmon and mustard sauce (M, G)
Sugar-salted whitefish and fish roe mousse (L, G)
Marinated shrimp (M, G)
Roast beef marinated with roasted garlic (M, G)
Meat jelly with onion chutney (M, G)
Boiled potatoes (L, G)
Bread and butter (L)

Grilled salmon, root vegetables and dark dill sauce (L, G)
Duck confit, root celery puree and currant sauce (L, G)
Vegetarian lasagne (V)

Christmas cake
Carrot cake (L)
Plum mousse (L, G)
Selection of cheese (G) and Gingerbread (L)

Wine recommendations:
Castello Las Almenas Sauvignon Blanc, DOP Valencia, Spain 6,00 / 49,00
Altos Del Plata Terrazas Chardonnay, Mendoza, Argentina 8,50 / 49,00

Castello Las Almenas Tempranillo, DOP Valencia, Spain 6,00 / 36,00
Altos Del Plata Terrazas Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendoza, Argentina 8,50 / 49,00

L = Lactose free
V = Vegan
VL = Low in lactose
G = Gluten free
M = Dairy free