Christmas Buffet 3th December – 22nd December 2018

Monday-Friday 11–13.30, 14–16.30, 17–19.30, 20–24
Saturday 13–15.30, 16–19.30, 20–24
Sunday 12–14.30, 15–17.30, 18-20.30
22.12. only 13–15.30 and 16.00-19.30


Aperitif recommendations:
Spiced red glow wine 9,50
White ginger glow wine 9,50
Red glow wine (non-alcoholic) 6,50
Cava Castellar 9,00
Coffee/tea 4,00
Filtered water (sparking or still) 3,00



Green salad with black currant vinaigrette (M, G)
Marinated red cabbage, blue cheese and nuts (L, G)
Waldorff salad (M, G)
Mushroom salad with horseradish (L, G)
Herring with mustard and Baltic herring with lemon (M, G)
Hot-smoked salmon with dill and mustard dressing (M, G)
Whitefish tartar with lemon creme fraiche (L, G)
Whitefish roe mousse (L, G) and marinated shrimps (M, G)
Roast beef marinated in roasted garlic (M, G)
Country style jelly with onion chutney (M, G)
Christmas sausages and mustard à la Töölönranta (M, G)
Bread a la Töölönranta (L) and boiled potatoes (L, G)


Main courses:
Roasted salmon with Jerusalem artichoke and crayfish sauce (L, G)
Overcooked neck of lamb, celery puree and dark white wine sauce (L, G)
Beetroot risotto with goat cheese and thyme foam (G)
(Main courses are served to the table)


Buttermilk cake and rum raisins (L)
Yoghurt pannacotta with sea buckthorn compote (L, G)
Plum mousse (L, G)
Apple crumble and vanilla sauce (L)
Selection of cheeses (L, G)
Gingerbread (M)

(M=milkfree, L=lactose free, G=gluten free)