Brunch 36,00 € / With a glass of champagne 44,00 €


From Starter Buffet:

Green salad with fig vinaigrette

Potato salad

Quinoa salad

Mozzarella salad

Coleslaw salad

Lightly smoked salmon with dill mustard sauce

Herring and Baltic herring

Sausages and roasted bacon

Thyme-scrambled eggs

Boiled potatoes

Bread and spread



Main courses 17.6.2018; Table served


Roasted arctic char with potato cake and lobster sauce (L, G)


Grilled pork neck with garlic potato and barbeque sauce (L)


Parmesan cheese risotto with asparagus (VL, G) 



From Dessert Buffet:



Chocolate-raspberry panna cotta

Strawberry mousse

Cheese selection and apple salmon



Drink recommendations:


Sparkling: Jaume Serra Cava, Spain                              7,50 / 45,00

White: Le Petit Balthazar Blanc, France                        7,50 / 45,00

Red: Balthazar Grenache Noir, France                          7,50 / 45,00

Dessert Wine: Torres Floralis Moscatel Oro, Spain     8,00